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Hangers Porada

The successful Italian manufacturer Porada creates stylish modern furniture that is durable and of excellent quality. In the collections of this brand, you can find all kinds of options for upholstered and cabinet furniture thought out to the smallest detail, functional and comfortable. But no matter how the brand tries to focus on massive, popular furniture, it does not miss the opportunity to create unique models of lighting devices, mirrors, accessories and, of course, clothes hangers.

Due to its pressure, enthusiasm and talent, the manufacturer of luxury furniture Porada are in demand both in Italy and in many countries abroad.

Porada hangers will make your home even more comfortable and functional

Porada furniture is truly reliable and includes a selection of exclusively certified and environmentally friendly materials. Factory wizards to create new models of hangers prefer to work with:

  • the natural wood of the best varieties (exclusively from specialized forestry);
  • durable metal alloys (steel, brass, chrome, nickel, etc.);
  • mirrors of our own production.

Porada products are created by a professional team that strictly monitors the production process and controls every stage of furniture creation. This approach ensures that even after many years of continuous operation, the functionality and stylish appearance of the models will remain at their best. This makes the furniture brand not only a smart choice for interior decoration but also a great investment.

Porada hangers will help to make your home cozy and very stylish

Porada customers have the opportunity to become happy owners of quality design products in accordance with their wishes because we offer many design options, sizes, and other distinctive details. Talented and creative artists who prefer a modern direction are responsible for the design of the models, thanks to which the furniture looks original, but at the same time elegant and noble.

Our factory is responsible for the environment and does not harm the ecology of the planet. The origin of wood is strictly controlled, potentially hazardous substances are not used, and the materials used are non-toxic water-based adhesives. Therefore, buying Porada hangers in Moscow, you get not only a high-quality and stylish thing but also absolutely safe for your health.

Thanks to the Porada hangers, your home will look exactly the way you want, and the interiors will be individual and unique.