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Italian chests Porada

The only piece of furniture that has never gone out of fashion since its inception is a chest of drawers.
Nothing looks as attractive as a solid wood chest of drawers in your bedroom or living room. This is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used to store everything from clothes and linen to dishes and kitchen utensils in your dining room, and the tabletop is often used as a place to store decorative cosmetics, creams, books or decor items.

What is the special feature of the Porada chest of drawers?

If you decide to purchase a chest of drawers — we recommend products of the Porada brand, because you will simply be amazed by the unique collection presented. The designers of the factory took into account all the fashion trends of recent years, and also did not miss the important practical purpose of this line of furniture, so we have a design for every taste and color.

  1. The dresser in the bedroom can be used both for storing clothes and accessories, as well as a stand for TV-equipment, frames with family photos and decor.
  2. A chest of drawers or a showcase will simply become an indispensable assistant for organizing the storage of things, utensils, and cutlery in the kitchen or dining area.
  3. A children’s chest of drawers is useful for convenient storage of toys and other things, without taking up unnecessary space in cabinets.
    4. For living rooms, hallways, guest rooms chests of drawers will be an indispensable option for the temporary storage of all necessary things.

Dressers are practical and beautiful pieces of furniture that you can put in any room of your house. They look stylish and elegant, offering plenty of storage space.
In the assortment of the chest of drawers, there are small modern touches in the classic design. Therefore, if a dark tree is still your preference, this does not mean that you should follow the old design. And for lovers of a more modern, “fresh” look at the design, we offer models with glass and natural stone inserts.

If you have enough storage places both you and you are looking for the “perfect” option, then buying Porada Storage chests of drawers in Moscow is the only right decision. After all, in addition to a huge selection of luxury Italian furniture, you can get professional advice and recommendations from our design consultants.