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The official dealer of the factory Porada in Moscow

Everything stems from a love of wood. The Porada brand was born from this passion, founded in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the goal of continuing the production of chairs, which he started in 1948.

High-quality excellence and experience in woodworking give the factory a short and clear personality, which today finds expression in elegant products that help determine the interior design of any room.

The key that has allowed the company to successfully establish itself in international markets is undoubtedly the excellent ability to find the right balance between form and functionality in each object, together with a developed and modern taste. “Porada” is a work that for half a century has managed to translate the founder’s dream into reality.

Porada — the best furniture in Italy

“Porada” is one of the world’s leading furniture brands and one of the largest titans of the furniture industry in Italy. The quality of legendary products, from the iconic coffee table and dining tables such as Infinity and zigzag tables to perfectly crafted dining chairs, is what sets the brand apart from the rest. A modern look and exclusive handmade furniture are what made Porada a name for itself. And all thanks to the grueling work and a number of other factors.

Over the years, the company has received rave reviews from both consumers and the competent authorities in the world of style and fashion. After all, furniture “Porada” is a combination of the best design, materials, craftsmen, and service. This is a company that creates really the best furniture.
Porada furniture was designed by some of the best Italian designers, including Emmanuel Gallin, Bruno Allievi, Gino Carollo, Stefano Bigi and Carlo Ballabio. They created the best of the collection, including ester chairs and original lighting fixtures.
Porada is one of the best brands from around the world, which embodies fresh ideas thanks to the Porada International Design Award. Every year, young and talented designers take part in the development of the latest additions to the brand’s collections. Projects can be absolutely for any of the existing furniture lines.
The factory prefers to work with the best materials, strictly controlling their origin and environmental cleanliness. Masters are not inclined to stick to the usual versions, always being in search of something better and more modern. Natural hardwood, strong metals, beautiful fabrics, non-toxic polyurethane foam, tempered glass — they all meet the required quality standards.

Furniture fillers are processed with special compounds in order to maintain cleanliness and shape — they are resistant to deformation, bacterial growth, pollution and can be used for many years without causing any problems and without requiring replacement.

Furniture frames are durable and reliable, designed for long-term use. They are created under the strict guidance of professional orthopedists and therefore are absolutely safe (or even useful) for human health.

This brand offers a wide range of models of furniture for private interiors: living rooms, bedrooms, cabinets, cafeterias, halls, libraries, and other objects. Both upholstered and cabinet furniture are available for buyers: sofas, armchairs, chairs, consoles, tables, sofas, etc. Each piece of furniture has an attractive and stunning design, and can easily become the main highlight of one of the rooms of your home.
In the manufacture of furniture, the factory pays great attention to manual work to make each item as reliable and beautiful as possible. This approach guarantees the exclusivity of solutions — it is almost impossible to manually copy two identical parts.
The design of Porada models will satisfy even connoisseurs — it has been carefully thought out to the smallest detail. The result is always impressive — each product is harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, modern and relevant. A wide palette of colors and shades, a variety of sizes and shapes allows everyone to purchase the most suitable options.

Porada has proved itself to be the best among both private clients and interior designers. Its popularity in many countries of Europe and the world is growing every year — because decent furniture always attracts attention and always finds a buyer.

If you want to purchase high-quality, original and stylish elite Italian furniture Porada in Moscow — we are waiting for you in our exhibition center or on the expanses of our website.