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Furniture collections Porada in Russia

The Porada collection is large and varied, it consists of numerous accessories designed in collaboration with designers such as Marconato and Zappa, Carlo Ballabio, Staffan Tollgard, Patrick Juan, David Dolcini, Emmanuel Gallina, Stefano Bigi, Gino Carollo, Tarcisio Colzani, Opera Studio and Buratti Studio.

However, the strength of this company also lies, first of all, in something else that has nothing to do with the quality of materials or advanced technologies. These are the people. These are those who for years have been part of the Porada family, treated products the same way as to something of their own, invested care and passion in everyday work.

Furniture collection Porada — “timeless modern classic”

Forget about the exaggerated costs and stress when buying furniture and accessories for your home: thanks to our excellent and unrivaled offers of Porada furniture in stock, you can pick up the product you need as soon as possible and at an affordable price.

  1. New items in 2019 are not just the latest trends in the global furniture market, but primarily practical and functional products.
    Tables. If it is important for you which table will be used for food, its beauty and individuality are important, pay attention to the models of dining tables presented in the catalog. Regardless of the model you choose, you will be pleased with its quality and product aesthetics.
    If you want to update the chairs in your home, then there is no better solution than Porada brand products. In the catalog, you can choose a model for absolutely any room.
  2. Need a beautiful and high-quality sofa or chair? So, look at the brand catalog: modern models in the best traditions of Italian masters, a variety of styles and color palette, unusual shapes will not leave you indifferent.
  3. Coffee and coffee tables will make the interior exquisite. Moreover, this furniture is suitable not only for classic design but also for a modern living room and dining room.
  4. Chests of the Porada brand can be used in nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms, offices, dining rooms, and other rooms.
  5. Bookcases contain shelves for books of various formats and fit perfectly into the interior of any room. They can dramatically differ in style, configuration, and size. It all depends on your wishes, needs, and parameters of the room where your personal or family library will be located.
  6. Porada mirrors are not only a necessary and practical thing but also thanks to the work of designers, an indispensable element of decor.
    Stylish and functional console models presented in the catalog were created by the best designers of Italy and the world. You can choose a classic version of valuable woods or a more unusual modern model.
    Although this sounds trivial,: the house begins with a hanger. Of course, now it’s fashionable and correct to hide clothes in the wardrobe so as not to create chaos in the hallway, but Porada hangers deserve that the coat hangs in plain sight.
    TV-stands are an indispensable thing for the living room, especially if you do not want to clutter up the room with huge cabinets.
    Lighting devices will help you not only to illuminate the room but also to add a certain style and special personality to your interior.
    In our catalog, you can easily find dressing tables and desks of various designs and sizes that will create the perfect atmosphere and comfort in your bedroom and office.
    Bedside tables and dressers are not only stylish but above all a practical, functional solution.
    Porada beds can help you relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.
    Shelving is what you need to organize things while adding some elegance to the room.
    Partitions and accessories are simply an indispensable part of any interior. Interesting and original accents are able to dramatically change the look of the room in an instant.

If you decide to radically change the look of your home or just freshen up the room a bit, then buying luxury furniture Porada you will succeed without much difficulty.