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New 2019 Porada

Italian luxury furniture manufacturer Porada was founded in 1968 by Luigi Allievi. But long before the start of its history under this brand, the founder of the factory began his journey with the manufacture of exclusive chairs in the 40s of the last century. It’s hard to believe, but in just half a century, an ordinary small workshop managed to turn into a world furniture giant, which conquers not only Italy but the whole world with its products.

The three pillars of Porada that have elevated the brand are new production technology, practical exclusive furniture, and competitive prices. Porada furniture is open and accessible to consumers on all continents.

All products without exception combine:

  • innovative design;
  • impeccable quality;
  • originality;
  • perfect comfort.

All collections of the factory are designed and manufactured taking into account the original lifestyle in different geographical regions in order to maximally adapt to each of its customers. Many of these collections were enthusiastically accepted in the East, others have gained popularity in America and Europe.

Keeping pace with the times — new 2019 Porada

If we talk about the materials used in the new collection of the brand, then you can easily get lost in their abundance – it’s just fantastic. Here you can find a mixture of polyurethanes of all possible types and forms, a conglomerate of metal, leather, wood, stone, and fabric. Our craftsmen use different types of wood, from ordinary — beech and cherry to exotic wenge and Zebrano. Such a variety of materials is necessary to create amazingly original forms of furniture models. Leading designers of the world create interiors of the future at the Porada factory.

The most important advantage of Porada furniture, in particular among the 2019 models, which distinguishes it from other manufacturers, are metal and wooden frames, which guarantees incredible strength of the product over many years of use.

To best meet the growing needs of customers, the brand’s designers did not stop at a specific direction of new products, but created a line that makes it easy to equip almost any corner of your home, namely:

  • comfortable and stylish beds;
  • original and practical chair-chairs;
  • dining and writing tables;
  • sideboards and sideboards (porada sideboard);
  • dressers and consoles;
  • coffee and dressing tables;
  • mirrors and lighting;
  • partitions;
  • benches (porada bench);
  • bookcases.

If you are looking for original designer furniture from a leading global manufacturer, then you will be satisfied with buying a collection of 2019 Porada novelties in Moscow, because our furniture will serve you for more than one year, while completely losing its aesthetic appeal.