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Partitions and accessories Porada

The history of the Italian luxury furniture company Porada began in 1968 when Luigi Allievi decided to expand his production and manufacture not only chairs but also a variety of upholstered and cabinet furniture. Before making the fateful decision to start a new business, he acquired serious school skills and learned the secrets of wood processing. In his small workshop, he worked equally with friends, relatives, and co-workers. These were years of hard work and great enthusiasm, which led the brand to such success.

Partitions and accessories Porada — quality, style, and comfort

In order to meet the growing needs of customers, the Porada brand, in addition to the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture, pays special attention to creating unique accessories and design partitions. Clean lines, a perfectly balanced play of light and shadow make Porada furniture a vital part of the everyday space of modern man.

Porada designers follow a minimalist tradition. “There should be nothing superfluous” — such is their credo. Furniture cannot be an obstacle to the perception of the world. The space of the room should be elegant and harmonious.

Times are changing, cultures are changing. But the company Porada continues to remain at the peak of modernity, closely observing and tracking the slightest changes in the real needs and tastes of a person. “50 years of history that continues with you” is the motto and philosophy of Porada. Today, a person has a special need for complete freedom, and our furniture gives him the opportunity to feel the joy of this freedom, the dance of emotions and the beauty of reality.

We believe that accessories are not secondary to furniture, but are the cornerstone of the situation, its most important and essential part, which expresses the thoughts and principles of the life of their owners. They create a special spirit of individuality and endless possibilities for unification.

The huge assortment of the collection includes:

  • refined models of partitions;
  • trays;
  • designer shops in the hallway;
  • decorative curtains with wooden rings;
  • shoe lockers.

Thanks to the purchase of Porada partitions and accessories in Moscow, you have the opportunity to build in one room various functional areas for work, leisure, entertainment, which gives unlimited space for the implementation of individual solutions.

Porada furniture is a free flight to your imagination and a triumph of the creative personality.