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Designer floor lamps Porada

Floor lamps are found in almost every home and this is not surprising. Firstly, they provide effective lighting of various zones at the right moments, as well as soft cozy light for areas of your home where you want to relax and create a cozy atmosphere. But at the same time, floor lamps can be a great stylish addition to your home, especially if they are made by talented designers of the Italian luxury furniture factory Porada.

Porada offers a wide selection of stylish floor lamps of various designs, sizes, colors, materials. We always add new models so that you can find interesting lighting fixtures for the living room, bedroom and other rooms of the house easily and quickly.

Floor lamps Porada — the right light in your home

To meet the growing needs of customers, the talented designers of Porada have created various types of lighting products:

  • floor lamps for the living room;
  • dining room lighting;
  • table lamps for bedrooms;
  • models suitable for classrooms and receptions.

With a large selection of modern Porada floor lamps, you can be sure that you will find one or more lamps that meet your requirements and the finished interior design.

Keep in mind that some lights can be used in several rooms of your home, while others provide a certain type of light for specific areas or purposes. When purchasing lighting products, be sure to consider the purpose of the purchase so that it is as useful as possible. Your choice should depend on various factors, some floor lamps are better than others depending on their shape, size, direction of light, functionality, etc. This is why it is important to carefully consider your choice when buying a floor lamp.

For more than five decades, Porada Furniture Factory has been manufacturing stylish furniture, accessories, mirrors and lighting fixtures in classic and contemporary styles. The popularity of the brand in Italy and many other countries of the world is determined not only by its excellent quality but also by its unique style of performance — it is difficult to get past the brand models without noticing them and not paying tribute to the stylistic originality of each product. Therefore, if you want to create a unique interior design, add accents to it using lighting fixtures, we recommend that you buy Porada floor lamps in Moscow at our official representative office.