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Consoles Porada

The Italian factory Porada has existed since the early 60s of the last century. Luigi Allievi’s furniture masterpieces, created since 1968, are the result of a passion for creating coziness and comfort in the home, the result of the work of professionals, which is always appreciated by customers all over the world. The brand’s long journey allowed the founders of the company to touch on the secret secrets of artisans transmitted from generation to generation, helped to understand their traditional methods of creating exquisite products and ultimately create a unique style that reflects the desire to provide the buyer with truly the best furniture that can decorate any home.

Our brand with special scrupulousness approaches to control over all processes, including any trifles and every centimeter of the finished product. This allows you to create truly relevant and beautiful furniture. It will be useful in modern rooms, the owners of which live a busy life and need a convenient, functional space. Upon returning home from work, you will immerse yourself in harmony and home warmth, which are imbued with the brand of luxury furniture. You will be surprised how thoughtful the interior can be, spacious and functional, it would seem, familiar things.

Porada Console Collection — Bringing tradition and innovation together

Elite designer furniture cannot be perfect if it is made without strictly observing quality standards and professionalism. That is why the Porada factory pays more attention to each stage of production, monitors each process, selects only environmentally friendly and safe materials, such as:

  • a natural stone;
  • veneer and natural hardwood;
  • tempered heavy-duty glass;
  • matte mixtures of metals.

The combination of modern technology and fine craftsmanship is the best way to create reliable, durable and comfortable furniture. The staff of the company is qualified and competent specialists who apply all their experience and passion to achieve excellent results.

Consoles Porada will delight you with its variety, the breadth of options available. Thanks to the extensive line-up, you will be able to dwell on solutions that will harmoniously fit into the current interior of your room or create an interior from scratch. A noble palette, spectacular finishes, different sizes and configurations, the relevance of each model is the result of the work of designers collaborating with the manufacturer. They do absolutely everything so that the furniture brand remains attractive even many years after the acquisition. Therefore, you can not worry and feel free to buy stylish Italian Porada consoles in Moscow and enjoy their elegance and functionality.